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Thank you for considering membership of 864 Furious Phat Street Outlaws(864FpSo) car club. In order for you to be accepted as an Intro member, we need to go over the principles & code of conduct of our organization and make sure you agree with them. The 3 Basic Principles listed below define who we are as a group of serious, but relaxed, auto enthusiasts.

If any of the three basic principles are not acceptable to you, please do not submit your information, as you will not be able to join us at this time. You may use the contact us page to submit your comments or tell us your concerns that prevent you from accepting this membership. We would like to hear from you and understand more.

Our Principles

Friendly - The members & officers get along very well and show kindness & consideration towards everyone. This is very important to us and something you will need to do as well.

Respectful - We show respect towards all rides and people without exceptions. No ride is better than the next, just closer to completion. You will be required to act respectfully as a 864FpSo member - both at club functions and in public away from Street racing club events.

Professional - We are organized & operated as a professional community organization and expect all members to act accordingly. You will be held to the standards of Street racing club and you will be expected to be a person of high moral character.

You will be removed from 864FpSo for breaking the laws of our community, or letting your moral self degrade.

864FpSo code of conduct

No bashing of others. Joking around with people you are close to is a different thing - but still should be limited. Once again, bash or act hatefully towards others here and you will get suspended. Do it repeatedly, and you will be banned.

Absolutely no impersonating of other members or staff is allowed, on the forums or in person. This is very serious. One strike and you're out. This includes using someone's forum account or sharing yours with others. Each account is assigned to one person. Please know that your spouses are very welcome to have their own account with the same level of permissions as yours. We encourage you to get them active, too. This is a family club.

Respect the opinions of others, and do not downgrade someone's opinion simply because you don't agree with them. Conduct yourself in a mature and respectful fashion. Treat everyone here with respect, no matter what. If you are close-minded about life, you will not enjoy Street racing club. We all are encouraged to express our unique style without attacks and while still getting credible advice on how to tastefully build a show vehicle. And if you possess unique skills, they will be enjoyed & utilized to strengthen 864FpSo automotive skills. Street racing club is a collective effort by all, and that means you, too.

Vulgar language, profanity, or sexual innuendo is not an acceptable form of club communication. This is not a dating site or a bar or anything like that. Any and all images or other content posted becomes the property of the 864FpSo forums.

Any member who publicly slanders (or does not notify us of others doing so) the club in an attempt to cause harm to the integrity or credibility of it, and/or those who run and manage the club, will be immediately terminated, no questions asked. Severe slander will be legally prosecuted. Any member that regularly associates with anyone that attacks or defaces Street racing club is subject to removal if they do not defend and report the incident to an officer. You are responsible for improving 864FpSo in all aspects of life and at all times. In return, we (all of 864FpSo) will do the same for you.

Drinking & driving, street racing and/or any other endangerment of innocent lives is not condoned in 864FpSo. As a proud partner of 864FpSo and multiple law enforcement agencies, we feel it is important to follow all laws (including traffic), along with preserving and adhering to high community standards. You can/will be removed from 864FpSo for stupid, unlawful behaviour. It includes aggressive driving, destroying public or private property, and any other foolish acts with or without your vehicle. Your actions are your actions and you are solely responsible for them. There will be absolute consequences to any member involved in illegal activity of any kind. We are community leaders of high moral value and we lead by example. You will be held to the same standards.

If you break the rules and get banned from the 864FpSo Forums, you will be removed from 864FpSo. And in the same respect, if you are removed from 864FpSo, you will be removed from the 864FpSo Forums. Do not let stupidity take 864FpSo from you. You will gain much from life via 864FpSo.

Online: Membership requires some activity each month on the 864FpSo Forum or social media platforms. It is our digital clubhouse and it is where we organize events, activities, community fund raisers and more. If you cannot check in, add your thoughts in the forums or promote our website, you will not be able to help shape this club and you will not gain much from being a member. You need to be active to be in any organization and that is also true with 864FpSo. Some maintain a great relationship with only 20 minutes every other day online, while some do so with 1 hour twice weekly sessions, and even some do so with several hours per day... There is no right amount, just what you need to connect and participate in the shaping & direction of the club. Without this action on your part, you will not hear from us regarding events or activities and before long, your account will be removed and membership cancelled. You are applying to us as an Intro Member, and you will not become a full 864FpSo Member (or higher rank) without PARTICIPATING, both online and at some of our events & functions. We are always open, and you can access us through your computers, devices and phones really easy.

Offline: We are very active in the community at car shows, auto events, racing venues, fund raisers, and community functions of all types while displaying our vehicles as 864 Furios Phat Street Outlaws. We also host two "festival type auto events" each year, have our own cruise in or cruises each month, hold private mod days & other club gatherings exclusive to members only. Because of the large amount of club activity, there is no obligation or pressure to attend ANY events. All members are encouraged to attend "any auto function" to represent 864FpSo. This includes any other club's cruise-ins, shows, functions, private meets, etc. As long as you represent us adhering to the information on this page, we thank you for doing so.

Your vehicle (car or truck) is certainly important, but it is the least important aspect of joining 864FpSo! We know that it is a powerful statement coming from a car club, and we do understand that the type & quality of vehicles a club possess by membership defines a club status on the highest level, and we have plenty of inventory to stand strong, on the track or at shows - but we have those entry-level projects, too. It all starts with a dream or vision, and with all dreams.... reality has to be conquered first. Material things will come and go in life, and we can make any vehicle a show winner, so we put people first and think a car club is about working on vehicles together and building a dream ride as a FAMILY.

That is it! These are the requirements to be a 864FpSo member. Anything else you hear about being a member is false. Anyone that says they are a member yet they do not act in this fashion is false.

If these principles and code of conduct are acceptable to you, please click "Join the club" button below and someone will contact you about setting up your account and activating your membership.