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2021 Spring Street Heat Awards

Submitted on: April 08, 2020

Best of 50's
1st - Jim Baker

Best of 60's
1st - Gerald Brewster
2nd - Zeb Walker

Best of 70's
1st - Richard Ruggiero
2nd - Bill Evans

Best of 80's
1st - Jarvis Moore

Best 90's
1st - Tim Owens

Best of 2000's
1st - Anthony Reed 
2nd - Justin Babcock 
3rd - David Cole

Best Import
1st - David & Jocelyn Davis

Best Rat Rod
1st - Bryan Gosnell
2nd - Jonathan Getsinger

Best Truck
1st - Darryl Lambert
2nd - Mike West
3rd - Eric Nedwards

Muscle Car
1st - Waddy Miller
2nd - Les Bruce
3rd - Jared Jones

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